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For Women Only: Sports Medicine Focuses on Females

rerun image Sports medicine is not just for professional athletes anymore, nor is it just for men. From after-work league players, to dedicated joggers, to beginning exercisers, sports medicine has reached out to address the needs of all women by adding programs aimed specifically at women.

Sports Medicine Centers for Women

Women's sports medicine centers exist to meet the particular needs of active women. Active women have concerns that differ from men, such as anterior cruciate ligament injuries, stress fractures, eating disorders, and menstrual cycle problems.

Sports medicine centers for women deliver care to athletes as well as women who want to be more active, but might not know where to start.

What Women Want

Many women prefer and perceive that they get better care in medical centers devoted to their specific medical needs. A survey on Women's Satisfaction With Primary Care found that women want medical clinics that offer things like child care, increased privacy, more time during appointments to discuss their concerns, and medical providers who were informed about women's health research and resources.

In response to this need, centers offer rehabilitation and diagnostic services, nutritional counseling, orthopedic surgery, exercise consultation, and more. A woman who comes to a center may consult a team of physicians and therapists who work together to design a treatment protocol or exercise program just for her.

Women Relate to Other Women

The health satisfaction survey found that the number one reason women change medical providers is communication problems: they feel their doctor is not listening to them. Women-oriented medical programs seek to overcome that by offering patients a staff that is not only mostly female, but also comprised of female athletes who can understand and may even have personally experienced the problems the patient is experiencing.

If you are an athlete or thinking of becoming more physically fit, you may want to locate a sports medicine center for women in your area.

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